150th Met Gala Goes Digital

By: Banzi Mehlo

The theme for this year’s Met Gala ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration’ is a celebration of the event’s 150th anniversary. However,  the current pandemic did not allow us to witness our favourite celebrities’ looks from the year’s biggest fashion event.

 We’ve seen the most iconic garments on the Met’s red carpet and this year was much more promising. The museum’s curator Andrew Bolton described it as a “reimagining of fashion history that’s fragmented, discontinuous, and heterogeneous”.

When I look back at the past Met Gala events, I always remember the ones people still talk about in 2020. For me, 2014 was the year we started seeing celebrities really push the envelope at the Met.  When Beyoncé was in her black Givenchy Couture dress or Lupita Nyong’o in her Prada garment, it was clear where the Met Gala was going and how much of a monumental event in pop culture it will be. It was Rihanna who turned the Met Gala up when she was in the yellow Guo Pei Couture gown, which was draped over flights of stairs. Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian were rocking gowns that were bedazzled but left a bit to imagination.

The Met Gala may have been cancelled due to the CoVID-19 pandemic but the fashion community took it to the virtual world and I must say, they have brought their A-Game this year. Twitter was the playground for creatives to showcase their talent. High Fashion Twitter submitted their fashions with the hashtag, #HFMetGala, which were within the Met’s annual theme. Celebrities also joined in on the festivities. A few of these garments caught my attention but the stories behind some of them blew my mind.

Ron Roxas’ design was inspired by 18th century Rococo and 19th century Maria Clara dress of our Filipino heritage, infused with queer modernity. I love how he infused cultural history and added his queer personality together. Jimelle Levon is one designer who really raised the bar, his dress would definitely be a “best dressed” type of garment. His focus was “Southern Belle” and the gown depicts class and royalty. He says that he saw the importance of his muse, the black women, to portray  “the ideals of classic aristocracy fused with the modern day woman”. What I love about this look is how he put together “Southern Belle” and the era of Aristocracy and royalty. The garment in itself is a masterpiece but what could make it an iconic moment would be Doja Cat in it, since her most well known single is titled “Mooo!”. Going virtual has really afforded young designers the opportunity to be creative and for their work to be seen worldwide .

We will hopefully see more up and coming designers next year being given the opportunity to be at the forefront of the MetGala. There are young designers who need the big break and can bring something new to the table.

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