Maya’s Journey of Love

By:Precious M. Lesupi

“Authenticity stems from being yourself”, said Maya Mpiti on what grounds her as the music industry rapidly evolves. Born and bred in Lesotho, Mpiti’s sound is inspired by “how it feels being loved and loving someone”, heartbreaks and everything else attached to love. 

For the 23-year-old musician, her first time in front of a crowd at Maseru club in 2017 was overwhelmingly filled with excitement, fear and numb feet. “I had been dreaming of that moment all my life”, Mpiti exclaimed.

Although Beyoncé’s stellar songwriting skills had inspired her enough to become the urban and contemporary musician we know today, Mpiti’s other dream was becoming a medical doctor. Her biggest dream right now is to be on the biggest platforms such as the Colors Show.

According to Mpiti, one needs to learn to be humble in the industry. “Take criticism in and let it build you, not break you”, she adds.

“If I Were You”, her 2017 single that acquired about 2 700 downloads in the first few weeks was one of her proudest moment. For her, the amazing reception of the song was quite a shock. Above all, Mpiti appreciates being able to tell her stories and have people listen.

She wishes for her fans to know that she is “very protective and fragile” when it comes to her art as would any artist. Though some comments might get to her at times, she takes it upon herself to get up and improve her craft further.  

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  1. I am her biggest fan😁 I really hope she ends up releasing a collabo with cassper, blaq Diamond and Beyonce one day.

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