Girls Run The Charts

By: Banzi Mehlo

You know the saying “it’s a man’s world?”, that is exactly how I’d define the music industry. For the longest time, we have witnessed male artists succeeding far better than female artists. Female artists were made to feel they had to act in a certain manner or stay in a box that had been assigned to them by the men in power. They were made to feel like competing with each other was the only option, instead of collaborating and building each other up. The music industry has made it look “okay” for them to do so because there is only one throne for one queen. I strongly believe that record labels are the masterminds behind this. It’s until artists like; Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and many more, broke those rules and changed the game forever. 

I want to talk about how Lizzo became more famous than rapper CupcakKe. Both of these artists came up at the same time,  CupcakKe was more of a fan favorite because of her “freaky” lyrics. Guess who was pushed into the core of the industry by the label?? Lizzo. The comparison between the two has lead to conversations of why Lizzo was getting more recognition than CupcakKe, when clearly she was getting so much love from the fans but sadly was paid dust. These two are not the first to experience such unfairness.

Female artists have been compared to each other and fanbases, some very toxic and problematic, being part of it. A perfect example is the most explosive beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. The beef was rooted in an interview Cardi did on her collab with Nicki Minaj, Motorsport. The mess was rooted in the news that Nicki, made it look like she did not want to work with Cardi or was just unprofessional. I beg to differ, the fanbases made nothing into something messy. Both artists’ fans started fueling the situation and we saw how that ended, with the notorious fight at New York Fashion Week.

We’ve seen this recently with how Doja Cat was compared to Nicki Minaj, in fact, she was accused of stealing her style (both in fashion and rap). Earlier this year, Doja was accused of shading Nicki on her Instagram live. In my opinion, it was just Doja being herself and all of that was taken out of context. Thankfully, Nicki handled this well and instead worked on a remix to Doja’s latest hit and now the single has topped the charts and is #1 on the Billboard Music Charts.

Megan Thee Stallion is more proof of how it can be iconic when two queens support each other and not tear each other down. Megan took the world by storm when she came into the scene with her bangers, Big Ole Freak, Cocky AF, and Cash S***. When she started a phenomenon that became the phrase of 2019, Hot Girl Summer, fans were waiting for a song about it. With people on Twitter trying to get Meg and Nicki to compete, we witnessed the two queens’ collaboration on the summer hit, Hot Girl Summer. Further on, Megan has been giving the general public hit after hit.

This year, we witnessed the Houston rapper feature one of the most legendary artists of our time, Beyoncé, on her recent hit’s remix Savage

We have been part of the most historic event of the era. Both Doja and Meg’s recent hits, Say So and Savage, gained popularity from TikTok. With both these songs blowing up on the charts and two already established queens hopping onto the tracks, the two songs just climbed the charts, all the way to the top. In the past week when streams went through the roof and Say So was at the top, we had a very healthy competition between female artists and I loved how they all showed love for each other. This goes to show how powerful women are regardless of men in power trying so hard to put them against each other. This only proves what Beyoncé said, “Who run the world, girls!!”

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