Queer Netflix for your Quarantine Pride

By: Banzi Mehlo

Since the whole world has been on lockdown due to the pandemic, it has been quite refreshing to binge on shows that have tapped into being inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. These shows, whether reality or series, portray relatable characters and explore much larger aspects of the community. They have proven to not only be entertaining but are educational as well for those unfamiliar with all things queer.

The Nextflix original, Sex Education, following the live of the learners of Moordale Secondary School does not only focus on the personal lives of the main characters but also discusses broader topics about sexuality. The show explores the conflict of homosexuality and religion with Eric Effiong (played by Ncuti Gatwa), bisexuality and toxic masculinity with Adam Groff (played by Connor Swindells) and pansexuality with Ola Nyman (played by Patricia Allison). What I enjoyed is how they discussed these topics with a humorous delivery, this is the show I wish I watched growing up. Since it is traditionally awkward to talk about sex with our parents, this show is perfect for learning a few things about everything sex and sexuality.

Euphoria is like the elder sibling of Sex Education. Listen, this show is very explicit and trust me when I say, you might want to watch it but not with the family. This show follows a group of East Highland high school students, through their experiences of sex, drugs, friendships, love, identity and trauma. Zendaya plays the cool tomboy Rue, who is hopelessly in love with Jules and the real life Sailor Moon. Their relationship was the ultimate Romeo and Juliet story but a very messy teen version. The one person who was between them was the villain, Nate Jacobs. Besides being a complete misogynistic loser, we kind of got an insight on Nate’s possible internalised homophobia, which we hopefully get deeper into in season 2. This show’s production is magical, besides its captivating visuals and the most talked about makeup of 2019, the show portrays real issues teenagers go through. Be it sexuality, drugs, love or body positivity, this is the show for you.

The only reason the two shows are my top recommendations is because the queer characters were part of the main cast and also had a story to tell, instead of being made the friend of the main protagonist or the one who pushes the lead’s story forward. I also love how they not only deal with the issues on the surface but get deeper into the root of things. These two shows created conversations of sexuality and how it is a spectrum, changing our mindsets when it comes to such topics. While stuck indoors, definitely binge on some queer content.

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