On Air: Boitshoko Brightening Days

By: Precious M. Lesupi

Radio broadcaster and Journalism student, Boitshoko Moses has consistently provided her listeners with cheerful mornings and shows filled with laughter, and now has a new home to spread all the love.

Boitshoko’s first experience with the world of radio was growing up in a household that listened to this medium a lot. She knew then that was what she wanted to do. Although the dream slowly died, her friends brought her to the realisation of the impact her energy has on a lot of people and that is when she decided to audition for the first time at Kovsie FM. “The first time I auditioned, every single judge in the room liked me, they liked my skill, energy and wanted to work with me,” Boitshoko mentioned. This was what validated radio as a calling for her. “The first time I went on air, I received positive feedback and people would tell me they wouldn’t mind listening to me all day,” she continued. Since then, she has been consistent in pursuing this passion in this medium.

A defining moment for the cheerful radio broadcaster thus far has been broadcasting live at the Women to Woman event where she was broadcasting live with CUT FM. “I had a chance to speak to some of the most prominent women in the entertainment industry, like Lady Zamar, Sho Madjozi, Thandiswa Mazwai and so on. It was amazing!”

Moving to CityRadio for Boitshoko had proven to be quite scary at first because it was a territory she had not set her foot in yet. However, upon accepting the challenge, she found her place and fit perfectly as a host of a breakfast show. Her experience thus far , as she mentions, has been amazing. “I was very shocked with the feedback I received on my first show because I didn’t know so many people listened to online radio,” Boitshoko explained.

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To venture into this career, she mentions that it is important to “know what you want, to not compare oneself to other people and not limit oneself”. Boitshoko also mentioned that it is crucial to not be a shadow of other radio personalities because the career needs the “realness and rawness” one has to offer.

“I want to be the woman that sits behind the mic and manages to light up your life. I want to entertain my people and allow them to forget about their problems. I want to fill voids in people’s heart and cheer them up,” she concludes.

Listen to Boitshoko on the Breakfast Buzz every Saturday morning from 7am to 9am on:


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