Review: The Last Dance

By: Mandisa Ntuli

A Netflix and ESPN original documentary detailing the Chicago Bulls 1997-1998 season where the team had won five championships in seven years highlights a time when the bulk of the team was coming off their peak and Michael Jordan the centre of attention.

Controversy became the order of the day and boardroom affairs made their way to the reception and invariably to the media. The front office politics as they are referred to in the documentary is what was shadowing that season.

Michael Jordan began exceling at the game in 1982. This is the year he earned a trophy as a Fresh-man. Jordan was the most sought after basketball player in the whole of America during his high school days. In 1984, he went pro as he signed for the Chicago bulls and also the Olympics that took place in Los Angeles. His popularity magnified.

The documentary portrays a number of hardships that the team had to overcome to enter its days of glory. This is a team that had only dreamt of a stint of success at the highest point of the sport of Basketball. It also highlights Scottie Pippen’s influence and the crucial role he played in the 10 years that he was part of the team.

Basketball became the beacon of hope. Just like any other sport, it changes one’s life. When watching the documentary, it is like you are physically at the arena watching them play live. I highly recommend this documentary as a must watch.

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