DA: “Chickens are Coming Home to Roost”

By: Collen T Ndobo

The Democratic Alliance Mangaung caucus will put in a motion before the council of the Mangaung Metro to direct the administration of the metro, until all arrears owed to Bloemwater are paid off, to ring-fence all payments it received for water from consumers and transfer these funds to Bloemwater on a monthly basis.

According to the Democratic Alliance, the continued failure of the metro to honor its payments responsibilities towards Bloemwater may sound the final death nail to this water board. “The DA has learnt that despite previous arrangements and litigation, the Mangaung Metro has only paid R75 million to Boemwater since the beginning of 2020. During the same period the amount owed to Bloemwater for the delivery of bulk water has ballonned from R754 million on 10 January to R1, 014 Billion on 1 June 2020”.

“It is clear that the Metro has, despite being assisted by the representative of the Free State Provincial Government, Mr Mzwakhe Mofokeng, since February this year, persisted with its failure to use the proceeds of the sale of water to consumers to pay Bloemwater as its bulk water supplier”

The DA added that the auditor general reported this year that unfunded budgets were to blame for the failure of services by the Mangaung Metro. “These mentioned actions by the ANC led metro management shows that cadres defend the interest of the ANC and not that of the Mangaung residents”. The DA has raised concerns on 10 000 kilolitres of water received by residents that qualify for ingredient benefits.

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