Review: “Hey” by Bokang Maragelo

By: Mbalenhle Precious Mdluli

Do you ever wait on your phone for a text that will affirm you, or one that reassures you that what you feel is okay? Do you ever just draft a text and never send it because you where just too vulnerable and you remember that we do not do vulnerable? The first time I indulged in “Hey” by Bokang Moragelo I swiped my phone one page to the the other and with each “Hey” I read all the deleted drafts and messages I’ve been waiting to receive and send.

It starts off with gentle nostalgic “Hey’s” to a lost lover and with each perfectly worded piece, you find yourself healing and being reassured of your feelings if you’ve ever had your heart broken.

“Hey, What’s the procedure when you’re depressed and suicidal then you get Corona virus?”

I do not know of any writing that better articulates how I feel in the middle of a pandemic. The writing is impeccable and the author draws you in because he writes in a language we all understand, heartbreak and healing, he never loses you.

I would recommend this anthology especially if you are looking to be invested in some raw emotions from start to finish. And in the end, “Hey, this is probably the last text you’ll get from me”, you have lost your breath and have slowly remembered how to breathe again.

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