Review: “Ungodly Hour” – Chloe x Halle

By: Banzi Mehlo

Being signed to Parkwood Entertainment and being famously know as Beyoncé’s protégé may come with perks, for this powerful duo, the hard work and creativity in their music speaks for itself. Chloe and Halle Bailey (known as Chloe X Halle), have blessed us with their sophomore album, Ungodly Hour.

Released on June 12th, the project is a follow up to their successful Grammy-nominated debut album, The Kids Are Alright. The first album was about coming of age and being liberated teens. In this masterpiece, Chloe and Halle are exploring being young women and leaving behind the reputation of being little angels, as they are dressed in black latex outfits [in the album cover] to show that they are grown women. Chloe and Halle are both executive producers and songwriters for this album. Make Will Made It, Disclosure (UK house duo) and Tony Maserati are also part of the production . Victoria Monét and Nija Charles are part of the songwriting team.

This is another conceptual album, a story about their rollercoaster love life. For instance, in the song Forgive Me, they talk about boys who are caught up in a messy situation but still lie when confronted about it. You know when you catch the boy misbehaving in the messages but keeps denying it? This is the song for that moment. Then there’s the upbeat, Do It, a party-starter anthem. The jam is about getting ready to go out with your girls.

Even though the album was beautifully executed, there were song I wish were done differently. Tipsy and ROYL (Rest Of Your Life) felt more like they belonged to their first album. When I listened to them, they didn’t give me the album’s vibe but lyrically was definitely on theme. I would have also loved to hear more ballads on the album, I was a little bit bummed that we only got two.

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