Al-Shabab Claims Somalia’s Recent Bomb Attacks

By: Precious Lesupi

On Saturday, Somalia’s officials said that a suicide car bomber detonated near the port in Mogadishu and a landmine in a restaurant in Baidoa killed four people.

The responsibility for these attacks were claimed by Al-Shabab, a group fighting to overthrow the country’s government. The mine was said to have been detonated by remote control during the morning rush, several people were also wounded.

In Mogadishu, police Colonel, Ahmed Ali said that the car bomber detonated near the gates of the motor vehicle imports duty authority headquarters. The bomber was said to have sped through the first security checkpoint before the police could start firing at the vehicle. Police spokesman, Sadik Aden Ali said that five police officers were wounded.

Al-Shabab controls parts of southern and central Somalia and often targets the capital Mogadishu with suicide bombings.

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