Algeria Buries Anti-Colonial Fighters

By: Precious Lesupi

The skulls of 24 resistance fighters decapitated during France’s colonial occupation of Algeria that had been stored in a Paris museum for decades have been returned to their homeland.

“The valiant resistance fighters who refused the colonisation of their country by imperial France were displayed immorally for decades, like vulgar objects of antiquity, without respect for their dignity, their memory. That is the monstrous face of colonisation,” Algerian army chief, Said Chengiha said.

These are the remains of 24 martyrs who fought French colonial forces that occupied Algeria in 1830 and also took part in an 1849 revolt. After they were decapitated, their skulls were taken to France as trophies.

Among the remains were those of revolt leader Sheikh Bouzian, who was captured in 1849 by the French, shot and decapitated, and the skull of resistance leader Mohammed Lamjad ben Abdelmalek, also known as Cherif Boubaghla (the man with the mule).

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