The Cancel Culture Wave

By: Banzi Mehlo

The magnitude of cancelling celebrities has been massive on social media, either from what they did in the past or in the present. Although I understand its main purpose, I feel like it has recently been used for different reasons. Especially with Twitter being a playground, a circus actually, where everyone feels like they have an opinion and they are experts. Some do this to just be given the glorified title of being “woke” and to be part of the cool squad.

For the past weeks, we have witnessed people being called out for their questionable actions and I completely support it. As humans, we do make mistakes and as much as that is part of being human, we also need to take responsibility and take necessary steps to change. Twitter has been a messy place for the past weeks; we have seen well-known personalities being called out for their unacceptable behavior.

Also, it is very unfair how everyone was ready to call off Doja Cat because of her actions, yet Shane and Jeffrey are still getting subscribers/followers and their products are sold out. By the way, these two are the most controversial and problematic people I know, who also don’t deserve the internet because clearly they use it to for evil.

These few weeks have made me realize how “cancel culture” can be biased. Look at how Jeffrey Star and Shane Dawson are still not cancelled, yet everyone was ready to come for Jackie Aina when she was refusing to be quiet about her racism experience from Jeffery (calling her a monkey and other horrible things).

There has also been proof of racist remarks Jeffery made towards black women but the general public still continues to support him. Then we have Shane, a pedophile, justifying his repulsive actions all over the media.

At this point, I am really over this cancelling because it clearly benefits those with money and power. If we are canceling everyone who is problematic (regardless of sexuality or gender or race), they should have to deal with the consequences of their foul actions. That way, we can say that “cancel culture” is serving its purpose than what it is doing today. We have the power to change that and make it beneficial to the whole human race. What we need to do is educate ourselves on such issues and spread awarenss on them.

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