Malawi’s Cabinet Ruined by Family Ties

By: Precious Lesupi

In last month’s elections, newly appointed President Lazarus Chakwera won by 58.5 percent, making history of a first African victory hailing from a rerun that led to the defeat of the latter.

The new president recently announced a cabinet consisting of 31 members of which six of those are said to be related to each other, although not directly to the president himself. The new labour and health ministers are siblings and the information minister is an in-law to the deputy minister of agriculture.

According to the Human Rights Defenders Coalition national coordinator, about 70 percent of the ministers are from the central region and Lilongwe alone has nine ministers. The president also comes from the same region.

The concerns raised by citizens mostly align with how these cabinet ministers were possibly not awarded the positions based on merit but were based on monetary support given to the alliance during campaigns.

The president also seemingly has not lived up to the 40 percent female representation he promised.

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