3D Fashion Hits the Runway

By: Banzi Mehlo

Iris van Herpen is a fashion designer from the Netherlands. Best known for her futuristic, dark aesthetic, which has landed her a show during Couture Week in Paris. Van Herpen’s designs are described as “hypnotic garments based on multilayered kinetic sculptures”. Her early adoption of 3D printing technologies placed her in the vanguard of the technology’s introduction into fashion, which has led her to dress the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Her designs portray fashion as a wearable art. Van Harpen’s detailing is meticulous and makes each garment unique. Her designs tend to drag one’s mind into a fantasy-filled world, they are as creative and unpredictable as dreams.

Emerging designer, Fortune Voch, owner of Voch & Goch said that 3D fashion is bound to definitely become very popular in Africa’s mainstream fashion scene. He added that the challenge could be making it wearable and practical for ordinary people, as no one wears Couture garments daily. “I would take it on but focus more couture, which will bring more money. I would also find a way to use it to make clothing that will be more appealing to the local market,” Voch said. For him, this kind of trend would bring in a better revenue as it has not really made it to the African market.

Van Herpen’s garments are more floating than structured and I strongly believe it stems from the inspiration she gets from her time as a dancer before she made it into fashion. There is a definite future for this aspect of fashion and with the world steering more and more towards technology, it will definitely break easily into the market, and Africa will grasp it quite easily.

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