Hajj Observed Despite COVID-19

By: Precious Lesupi

A smaller group of Muslims made it to Mecca for the observation of Hajj, an Islamic pilgrimage that has been scaled back a lot due to the corona virus pandemic.

Normally, about two million and more people make it to Mecca for this observation yearly, however, Saudi Arabia banned all international travellers from accessing the country for this year’s Hajj. The crowd was restricted to about only a 1000 citizens and a few foreign nationals that had been picked earlier.

Some rules for the restrictions included mandatory testing of the crowd and quarantine in their hotels before the start of the pilgrimage. Social distancng was observed with the usually shoulder-to-shoulder pilgrims having been a wide distance apart as they cirlce the cube-shaped Kaaba counterclockwise during the first ritual of Hajj in the center of the Grand Mosque.

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