Battling Body Image

Khanyisa Nomiyayi

I am steadfast in the belief that we now live in times where women can take charge of their own destinies. Women have the power of doing anything they put their minds and hearts too. Everyone does, however, I believe that women have a distinct way of carrying out work far better than anyone else can. Seeing a woman doubt her own capabilities makes my worrisome.

I have the worst childhood memories because of the constant judgment I received about my body and smile. I was slammed for being petite, which had me eventually give into what society believed was not the “it” body. I adapted to what they viewed as acceptable, little did I know everyone was just as blinded as I was so young and naïve.  

Factors contributing to women’s insecurities are not written down in a novel stacked up somewhere. These are every day comments consisting of negative remarks from other women and constant indecisiveness of oneself. Gabourey Sidibe said, “Your body is your temple; it’s your home and you must decorate it.” How I wish I knew and understood what these words meant while growing up in the early years of my girlhood.

I firmly believe that women need to start embracing, loving, and cherishing their flaws because there is no better way to fall in love with every inch of yourself other than acceptance. Living your truth is not as easy as it sounds, it takes time. It requires patience and trust within the process.

It will require enjoyment of the journey and taking in everything as it comes along. I was and still am very petite, but I have grown to love my body just the way it is. I have encountered great opportunities with my body such as modelling and athleticism. In addition, I believe that I am yet to see the greener pastures.

I have overcome societies norms on body image by writing about my flaws on a blog I created two years ago. Because I have done this, I have fell unconditionally in love with myself. In the process of my journey in writing, there were people also going through the same struggles and ordeals similar to mine. This gave me the courage to stay strong through it all. Not only for myself, but for them as well. I love my constantly judged petite body and therefore I will continue to embrace and live fearlessly with the temple I carry.

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