Campaigning for Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Precious Lesupi

For Kanyisa Booi, the national women’s month is a time for shine the light on the continuos fight for women’s rights and also some of the wins acquired thus far as well as outline what we need, we need to be able to use this month to “find out how the budget towards gender based violence is being spend as well as finalise the abortion guidelines” for instance. It is also important to ensure that we emphasise that this month is not just for women with vaginas and uteruses, it is for everyone who identifies as a woman in our country.

According to the founder and campaign manager of Matriarch and Sons, there is a need for transwomen to tell their stories and it is the responsibility of our campaigns and events to make sure that this happens. In her work with the social enterprise, they have recorded a few videos that talk about how the music we listen to perpetuates misogyny, rape culture, pimp culture and so on. “We also try and not miss the intersections with our work. We understand that gender-based violence is very much about economic development and abortion about whether or not you are able to purchase a service and how difficult and expensive it is to transition for transgendered women,” she continues.

The entreprise will be putting out a magaletter bimonthly to ensure that verifiable information on sexual and reproductive health is accessible and easy to consume. A few health advises laid out by Kanyisa include, the use of condoms for sexually active persons and knowing your body well enough to be able to figure out quickly when something is wrong. “There is a lot of stigma regarding STI, abortion and hormonal treatment, however, we really need to seek health care assistance whenever something is wrong although our health care system is not quite favourable,” she mentioned.

Most importantly, feminine hygiene products are highly advised against as the vagina is a self-cleaning organ and one should seek professional health care assistance if anything becomes worrisome.

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