Large Amounts of Oil Leaks in Mauritius

Precious Lesupi

The prime minister of Mauritius recently declared a state of environmental emergency after a Japanese-owned ship, MV Wakashio, that ran aground in July began spilling large amounts of fuel into the sea.

Pravind Jugnauth admitted that the country didn’t have the skill or expertise to deal with the issue alone, then asked France for help, prompting French President Emmanuel Macron to respond positively.

According to a statement from the owners, Nagashiki Shipping Co., the MV Wakashio ran aground on a coral reef off the island nation weeks ago. Unfortunately, the gradual leaking has significantly worsened due to bad weather.

Greenpeace Africa said that “thousands” of animal species are “at risk of drowning in a sea of pollution, with horrific consequences for Mauritius’ economy, food security and health”.

The MV Wakashio was travelling from China to Brazil when it ran aground. It wasn’t carrying any cargo though it had approximately 4,000 tonnes of fuel onboard.

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