Retrenchments Soaring Amid Pandemic

Khanyisa Nomiyayi

The pandemic has proven not to be the kindest thing to happen to a lot of South Africans who weren’t financially ready for any setbacks.

According to Makgala Seboli, a local citizen retrenched amidst the pandemic, this took a down swing in the worst way possible for him, it ruined his relationship with his family and would feel like his family viewed him differently because of the lack of income.

“Financially, this put a big strain on me as I was and still am the sole provider. I had goals planned out for the year but because of the financial bargain I have now, it doesn’t look like they’ll be achieved anytime this year,” Seboli said.

Usually, legal measures are a given after sudden retrenchment without at least 30 days’ notice and the remaining months salary. In Seboli case, not even a verbal reason for his retrenchment was issued. He added that after going through ample procedures, he eventually received assistance.

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