Chaos brewing at the Beitbridge border

The Beitbridge border post is slowly becoming a COVID-19 hotspot. According to Eye Witness News,
just over 100 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in less than a week. Furthermore, fears of
Beitbridge becoming a super spreader venue might become a reality, as more and more people are
arriving at the border in order to enter South Africa.

According to Robert Dube a Zimbabwean immigrant ’’there is no social distancing at the border post,
people didn’t care much about corona we just want to get back to work’’. Furthermore, there are
delays happening at the border post and these are as a result of people showing up with false
documentation and fake COVID-19 test results. However, Aaron Motsoaledi the Minister of Home
Affairs asserted that the soldiers at the border, catch at least 500 people every day who attempt to
enter the country illegally and they send them back.

As a result of this process, those with proper documentation are forced to remain at the border
much longer than anticipated. Elsa Mabunda is one of the people who were affected by the delay ‘’It
is complete chaos there, I slept at the border for three days before entering into South Africa’’, she
said. Minister Motsoaledi further explained that ‘’ there are people being helped to cross by the
Zimbabwean soldiers, I saw it with my own eyes and police, they pay something like R100’’. If the
situation at Beitbridge border isn’t given immediate attention, more people could contract and
spread COVID-19.

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