Museveni elected President for a Sixth Term

Yoweri Museveni has been elected as the President of Uganda. The news was announced following
his victory at the 2021 Ugandan Presidential elections.

Uganda’s President-Elect, Yoweri Museveni. Source: BusinessLIVE

This victory marks Museveni’s sixth consecutive win at the Ugandan Presidential elections.
Subsequent to his victory, Museveni addressed the media and stated that ‘’ this may turn out to be
the most cheating-free election since 1962’’. The Ugandan electoral commission confirmed that the
National Resistance Movement leader, Yoweri Museveni secured 58.64 per cent of the votes.
However, the opposition party leader Robert Kyagulanyi only managed to secure 34.83 per cent of
the total votes.

Ugandan Opposition Party Leader, Robert Kyagulanyi. Source: Nile Post

During his media briefing the President-Elect expressed his confidence in the youth’s support ‘’ the
majority of the youth support the NRM and the number is going to increase,’’ he said. Furthermore,
Museveni assured the youth that capital will be available for them, and that going forward the
mismanagement of funds will no longer be an issue.

However, Robert Kyagulanyi whose house was surrounded by security forces throughout the
election period is not satisfied with the election results. Kyagulanyi asserts that he has proof that
delineates that the elections were fraudulent. In a recent tweet Kyagulanyi stated that’’ Heavily
armed military and police have once again raided our party offices in Kampala. No one allowed to go
in or come out. Museveni after committing the most vile election fraud in history has resorted to the
most despicable forms of intimidation’’. However, Museveni has since denied the allegations of any
fraudulent activities during the elections.

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