SASCO reacts to Project Academia revelations

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) has expressed its disappointment following the revelations made by the chairperson of the high level panel into the State Security Agency (SSA), Dr Sydney Mufumadi, during his testimony at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry on the 25th of January 2020.

Mufumadi told the commission that the 2016 student movement #FeesMustFall that called for free education, outsourcing and decolonization was infiltrated by the SSA. He said that the State Security panel was told that Project Academia was designed to intervene in the student movement and influence its direction.

According to SASCO President, Bamanye Matiwane, these revelations are a spit in the face of the millions of the African majority who fight daily to break the cycle of poverty through access to higher education.

“Students have clearly been used as pawns by fat cats in the ANC government and these actions are a betrayal of every principle that the ANC supposedly stands for. The violent cycle of poverty and corruption which is presided over by an ANC government clearly has no bounds.” Matiwane said

The student congress said it remains committed to the call for free quality and compulsory education as envisioned in the Freedom Charter, and not the myth which was declared in 2017 and the lie which was sold to the country.

SASCO believes that free quality and compulsory education would ensure that every student is guaranteed a deco modified higher education, free of market influence and transformed curriculum which would respond to the skills needed in the republic and produce a devoted graduate.

The former Fees Must Fall Activist and Economic Freedom Fighter Member of Parliament, Naledi Chirwa, tweeted: I was pregnant during Fees Must Fall. My son is mute from the trauma. The trauma didn’t end at just our arrests, expulsions, exclusions from the system and criminal records. So no. Project Academia shouldn’t be swept under the carpet. Heads must roll.

Furthermore, SASCO said it will be closely following the developments in the commission and the organization will be meeting to discuss the attack by a fraternal organization which has been entrusted to lead the congress movement.

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