Greyhound and Citiliner prepare for shutdown

Greyhound and Citiliner bus services have announced that they are shutting down operations for good. The announcement was made on their twitter account on the 3rd February 2021. Both transport services stated that they will operate up until the 14th February 2021. They also assured that ‘’passengers with tickets booked for services after this date will be refunded’’.

The upcoming shutdown marks the end of a 37 year operational span for Greyhound. The bus service is known for transporting thousands of passengers across South Africa, and to neighbouring countries such as Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

 According to Times Live, Unitrans Passenger which is a Greyhound operator stated that the restrictions on interprovincial travel, and the closing down of borders worsened an already dire situation. As a result, despite strategic efforts the company was unable to generate sufficient profit.

It is estimated that nearly a thousand employees will be jobless as a result of the closure.’’ This will truly have devastating consequences in the long term. Because as long as we don’t remedy the conditions that we are dealing with right now, these workers who will find themselves out in the cold as a result of job losses are unlikely to be reemployed,’’ said NUMSA Spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi- Majola. Majola explained that a company that issues a 189 notice where it is considering closing should adhere to a 60 day mandatory consultation process, as set in the Labour Relations Act. This is following Unitrans Passenger issuing a section 189 notice informing NUMSA that Greyhound and Citiliner were shutting down in two weeks.

Consequently, Majola assured the public that legal steps are being taken in order to demand a consultation with Greyhound. This is so that the company can provide evidence and financial records that would prove that they are indeed in a dire situation.

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