12th Ebola Outbreak in the DRC

Two people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to a recent outbreak of the Ebola virus.

The first victim of the outbreak is the wife of a previous Ebola virus outbreak survivor. According to France24, the woman displayed the symptoms of the virus in the town of Bienna. She was later sent to a hospital near Butembo where she unfortunately died on the 3rd of February 2021, just a few days after she was admitted. In a statement released shortly after this tragedy, the World Health Organisation stated that ‘’more than 70 people who had come into contact with the victim have been identified and are being monitored’’. However, the DRC’s health ministry has recently announced that a second person has succumbed to the Ebola virus in the North Kivu province.

This recent outbreak of the Ebola virus marks the 12th outbreak that the country has experienced in its history. The 11th outbreak of the virus in the DRC stretched from the 1st August 2018 to the 25th June 2020. Furthermore, the 11th outbreak is recorded to have infected at least 130 civilians and killed 55 people in the Northwestern province of Equateur. The Northwestern province of Equateur and ultimately the DRC was declared Ebola free on the 18th November 2020. As such this recent outbreak comes just a few months subsequent to that announcement.

The outbreak followed by these recent deaths places the DRC in a precarious position as the Covid-19 cases and fatalities are rising. However, the DRC’s health ministry assures the public that a vaccination campaign is in the pipelines.

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