Primedia Broadcasting Terminates DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s Contracts

Primedia Broadcasting has officially announced that they are releasing DJ Fresh and Euphonik from their contracts at 947 effective immediately.

This decision comes after both DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) and Euphonik (Themba Nkosi) had a case of sexual assault opened against them. The two former 947 employees are accused of raping a woman on the same night. As a result of these allegations both Djs were taken off air. In a recent statement, Primedia Broadcasting confirmed that both DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s last shows on the station aired on the 15th and 10th January 2021.

Interim CEO of Primedia Broadcasting Geraint Crwys-Williams stated that, ’’this decision does not reflect a view of the veracity of any allegations against either Euphonik or Fresh. Rather it prioritises Primedia Broadcasting’s business imperative. We believe that this decision is in the best interest of our company and our various stakeholders’’. Both DJ Fresh and Euphonik have received some backlash on social media from fans. In an early joint statement  they stated that, ‘’In light of the serious allegations leveled against us we’ve decided to step away from all public work engagements, until such time that this matter has been resolved and the law has taken its course’’. Subsequent to releasing that statement, an amended joint statement was issued which stated that ‘’after extensive consultation, legal and otherwise, we have concluded that it is in our best interests to resume all of our public engagements’’. The statement also added that both DJ Fresh and Euphonik agreed to the termination of their contracts with immediate effect.

‘’Thank you to Primedia for all the broadcasting opportunities and moments,’’ they said.

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